New York Lager draught 0,4l 55
A full bodied, dark golden coloured beer. Intensely malty with notes of caramel and certain bitterness: 5,2%.

Ravnsborg Rød draught 0,4l 55
Full bodied Red Ale with a dense malt character mixed with intense fruity and aromatic aromas: 5,5%.

King’s County Brown Ale draught 0,4l 55
Dark, medium bodied, fruity ale with a scent and taste of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit: 5,5%.

Böhmer Pilsner draught 0,4l 55
It is a clear, light coloured and crisp beer, medium bodied with soft, smooth bitterness: 5,0%.

Stuykman Hvede bottle 0,4l 55
Inspired by the traditional Belgian Witbier.Some sweetness and quite a spicy aroma from the added coriander. Light acidity and low bitterness: 5%.

Union Session IPA bottle 0,4l 55
High but well balanced bitterness and very strong aroma. Union Session IPA is brewed on oat, rye and spelt wheat to give the perfect body and bright colour: 3,5%

Bombay Pale Ale draught 0,4l 55
A new version if India Pale Ale. Brewed with Pale Ale malt, has a deep and intensive flavor. Fruity with classic hops aroma. Full bodied, bitter and sweet: 6,5%