New York Lager draught 0,4l 55
A full bodied, dark golden coloured beer. Intensely malty with notes of caramel and certain bitterness: 5,2%.

Ravnsborg Rød draught 0,4l 55
Full bodied Red Ale with a dense malt character mixed with intense fruity and aromatic aromas: 5,5%.

King’s County Brown Ale draught 0,4l 55
Dark, medium bodied, fruity ale with a scent and taste of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit: 5,5%.

Böhmer Pilsner draught 0,4l 55
It is a clear, light coloured and crisp beer, medium bodied with soft, smooth bitterness: 5,0%.

Stuykman Hvede bottle 0,4l 55
Inspired by the traditional Belgian Witbier.Some sweetness and quite a spicy aroma from the added coriander. Light acidity and low bitterness: 5%.

Bombay Pale Ale draught 40 cl. 55
Golden intense malt character with a bitter sweet finish and hoppy aromas 6,5%