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  • Sde Ewa har lavet hjemmelavet triplesec i dag  der
  • Efterhnden har vi en hel del sp8cescoworking medlemmer siddende i
  • I weekenden havde vi besg af de her to labrelarver
  • S nder alt atter fred og ro over halmtorvet og
  • S er det distortion2018 p vesterbro i dagVejrettigheder jo pragtfuldt
  • Er du til vegetarretter har vi jordskokker p menuen med
  • I samarbejde med gogreendanmark holder vi winebattle den 29 maj
  • Det er en smuk 17mai og vi nsker alle vores


BOB Bistro is an edgy organic restaurant in modern bistro style. We are part of the urban vibe in the Meatpacking District of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Everything we serve is organic and we are striving to make collaborations focusing on sustainability, social responsibility and upcycling. When you are drinking water at our restaurant it is from wasted wine bottles from Borneo and Southeast Asia. Each product is handmade from small family industries without burdening the environment and the glasses are beautiful.

The daytime and the evening hours are very different at BOB. We are cooperating with a flexible shared office initiative and many interesting people are staying here during the day. We like the dynamic it brings when talks, people working, meetings, lunch guests and shared time is happening all at once. We are part of a big green network where we are getting inspiration across businesses to work on sustainable initiatives. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the restaurant. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, are having a meeting or will join us for a 3-course dinner and wine. Drop by BOB, see you.

Økologi mærket


BOB is one of the few 100% organic restaurants in Copenhagen. Our love for ecology is endless and even the gin in our cocktails is organic. Vi believe that being organic is part of the solution concerning sustainable production and responsible service. We are creating our menu depending on the organic season. This also means that it is important for us to work with local suppliers focusing on sustainable production. Our suppliers are a part of the story you enter when you are visiting BOB. Therefor it is important for us to know our collaborators.

Our Guests are the reason we are here. Good guests are happy guests and happy guests comes with good experiences. Therefor it is our goal to give our guests good experiences when you are visiting BOB. We are aiming to invite our guests for good food and pleasant service, but we also wish for our guests to bring something more when you leave the restaurant. We would like our guests to feel part of a greater area of sustainable initiatives when visiting BOB. We are aiming to involve our guests by telling some of the little stories that surrounds us due to our choices. We are making it easy for our guests to make a conscious choice.

We are constantly looking for inspiration and new green initiatives. We would like to contribute to a more sustainable way of living. We are making very different collaborations across different businesses. We are trying to work broadly around sustainability and we wish to inspire our surroundings, our guests, our employees our network and our suppliers to a greener way of living.

Maybe you can inspire us with a green idea?


We are situated in the middle of Vesterbro in the iconic BOSCH-building. Similar to the organic profile we are focusing on natural and plain expression in our décor, balancing the nice and the raw. BOB is the only 100 % organic restaurant in Vesterbro.


If you are looking for urban vibe in the heart of Copenhagen our venue is the perfect place for you. At our restaurant you can have small meetings, or you can arrange big parties for more than 200 people.

At BOB you can have a reception with organic butcher snacks and local beer or vegan alternatives with bubbling biodynamic wine. We offer snacks from the salty- and the sweet kitchen and together we will plan what you want for your reception. Are you planning on hosting your own reception we are more than happy to bring food to your venue.

We are ready to help you whether you are having a small or a big event. We are serving organic food and drinks for you and your guests and are happy to help arranging music too.

Please contact the restaurant for further details, menu etc. via



At BOB it is important to have a good experience both concerning quality and taste but also according to sustainability and social responsibility. This is off course mirrored in our choice of suppliers.

Glænø” veal and cow are concerned about animal welfare and sustainability. Henrik from Glænø is delivering whole Jersey bull calves that are “leftovers” from the milk production. This means that the veal is getting a long and grass full summer instead of just being discarded. We are also receiving dairy cows that we use for our “dish of the day” – e.g. braised in red wine and herbs. Visit Glænø kalv og ko here.

Equals sustainability, animal welfare and biodiversity. When you are eating pork from Spis min Gris you have the guarantee that the animal had a good life and that everything from the pig is getting used. We very often use some of the less common cuts for our “dish of the day”. Clik here to read about Spis min gris!

To us it is important to take social responsibility. It comes naturally for us to work with Bornholms mosteri, because they focus on making organic lemonade and juice based on natural aromas, without additives. Also, Bornholms Mosteri are making job opportunities for people with special needs. Today more than 50% of the employees are people with special needs. Visit Bornholms mosteri here.

We love local suppliers and we are very happy about our collaboration with Nørrebro Bryghus. They are fantastic at producing aromatic and well-balanced beer. The beers are organic and in respect for old tradition it is very high-quality Danish produced beer. Visit Nørrebro bryghus here.

Are delivering delicious biodynamic wine. It is always by bike, which is really cozy, but mostly it is very good for the environment.

Our beautiful water glasses from Winther Art are made from wasted wine bottles from Borneo and Southeast Asia. The glasses are made by small family businesses with a minimum of energy waste. It is a fantastic story and we absolutely love the glasses. Visit Winther Art & Timbertale here.

BOB Bistro Biomio

Green Award Refood certificeretGo Green Danmark Medlem


We all know the drill – it can be so hard to find the exact right gift when someone in your family or a friend is having a birthday or another occasion to celebrate. In our part of the world we are consuming big time and very often we just buy it when we need something. Non-the less we still need to get a full stomach every day and sometimes there is nothing better than to let go and let someone else do the cooking end the dishwashing. So why not put some thought into what and where to eat.

At BOB everything you eat, and drink is 100% organic. Vi are constantly striving to develop and to get more and more sustainable in the way we do things. This is mirrored in our suppliers and other collaborators we are working with in the everyday life. When you are buying a gift card to BOB, you are making an active choice without having to do much more. You choose whether you want a gift card at an exact amount or if you want to buy one of the menus. Please just follow the link below and personalise your greeting. You choose whether you wish to receive the gift card by e-mail and print it out or if you want to get it send by traditional mail.



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