BOB-Biomio Organic Bistro is part of the urban vibe in the popular Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. We are situated in the old BOSCH building – illuminated in neon signs at Halmtorvet on Vesterbro. Everything you eat or drink at BOB is 90 – 100% organic. We are working with local suppliers and are constantly looking for better, smarter and more sustainable initiatives and collaborations, in order to contribute to a conscious way of living. We think that upcycling is a very clever way to work around several issues. We are using beautiful water glasses made from wasted wine bottles from Borneo and Southeast Asia. Each product is handmade from small family industries without burdening the environment. We are part of a still growing green network in Denmark, where we are getting green inspiration across businesses. Being part of a flexible, shared office initiative, we also have many small businesses with interesting people staying at the restaurant during the day. And we love the lively atmosphere it brings when we are gathering different people with different cores and activities – business or pleasure.

If you are looking for a meal to bring home, we make many of our dishes to go and you can easily order your dinner via Wolt.dk. It is totally up to you if you want to drop by and pick it up, or if you want the food delivered to your door.


BOB-Biomio Organic Bistro stands on three fundamental pillars, funding our work and approach to the restaurant and food area in Copenhagen.

  • Guests
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability

Our Guests are the reason we are here. Good guests are happy guests and happy guests comes with good experiences. Therefor it is our goal to give our guests good experiences when you are visiting BOB. We are aiming to invite our guests for good food and pleasant service, but we also wish for our guests to bring something more when you leave the restaurant. We would like our guests to feel part of a greater area of sustainable initiatives when visiting BOB. We are aiming to involve our guests by telling some of the little stories that surrounds us due to our choices. We are making it easy for our guests to make a conscious choice.  

BOB is one of the few 90 – 100% organic restaurants in Copenhagen. Our love for ecology is endless and even the gin in our cocktails is organic. Vi believe that being organic is part of the solution concerning sustainable production and responsible service. We are creating our menu depending on the organic season. This also means that it is important for us to work with local suppliers focusing on sustainable production. Our suppliers are a part of the story you enter when you are visiting BOB. Therefor it is important for us to know our collaborators.

We are constantly looking for inspiration and new green initiatives. We would like to contribute to a more sustainable way of living. We are making very different collaborations across different businesses. We are trying to work broadly around sustainability and we wish to inspire our surroundings, our guests, our employees our network and our suppliers to a greener way of living.

  • Maybe you can inspire us with a green idea?