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We all know the drill – it can be so hard to find the exact right gift when someone in your family or a friend is having a birthday or another occasion to celebrate. In our part of the world we are consuming big time and very often we just buy it when we need something. Non-the less we still need to get a full stomach every day and sometimes there is nothing better than to let go and let someone else do the cooking end the dishwashing. So why not put some thought into what and where to eat.

At BOB everything you eat and drink is organic. Vi are constantly striving to develop and to get more and more sustainable in the way we do things. This is mirrored in our suppliers and other collaborators we are working with in the everyday life. When you are buying a gift card to BOB, you are making an active choice without having to do much more. You choose whether you want a gift card at an exact amount or if you want to buy one of the menus. Please just follow the link below and personalise your greeting. You choose whether you wish to receive the gift card by e-mail and print it out or if you want to get it send by traditional mail.


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